Monday, April 20, 2009

Market Reports Also Fight Crime!

There has been a spat of recent break-ins at vacant industrial warehouses in the City of Industry. Thieves are stripping the copper from the walls and ceiling. This causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Not only is the monetary cost significant but the landlord has the additional headache of dealing with the police, fixing the problem and delaying any potential move-ins from a serious tenant. Crime is not an amenity.

It is also dangerous. The current in some of these buildings runs as high as 3000 amps (1 amp is enough to stop your heart, 3000 amps could set a person on fire).

When a break-in occurred at one of the larger listings we had in the City of Industry the police were able to apprehend the culprits but not before the damage was done.

To prevent this from happening in the future the police would need a list of vacant buildings since they are sitting ducks for copper bandits.

But where to find such information? And would it be available at regular intervals so new buildings could then be monitored by the police?

The answer is yes.

The market information that I gather includes an ever-growing list of newly vacant buildings. This information is now being used by law enforcement professionals in the apprehension of copper thieves.

Yet another value add service provided by Colliers Research.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the copper thieves are using your listings a swell.